Saturday, June 5, 2010


Every now and again you come across something that you really like. Tanya Williams' SHOW & TELL identity for Abovegroup is one such thing. Tanya recently posted notes on her process and a groovy video with her co-workers putting up the identity. I wish I had done this.-rmr

From Tanya's notes:
Abovegroup's SHOW and TELL
Last week (Friday, May 4th) launched the debut of the identity I designed for The “Show & Tell “event Series that the Branding and Design agency I work at – (Abovegroup), puts on ever so monthlyish..


I”ve been laboring over this logo for what seems like forever. And finally the event that just held it’s 8th showing finally found its brand identity!

The Show and Tell Identity

Every “Show and Tell” Alicia Milne (our resident Maker) creates lovely creative installations to represent each cuest and theme. And at this event she along with the help of my other co-workers painted the logo on the wall in a design for the Michael Deibert, Haiti Special.

Signs posted at various points at the Fernandes Industrial Centre, Laventille, where the event took place on Friday.

Show+Tell tonight-'Haiti'
Abovegroup's Show&Tell now has a logo and this is the first wall piece with the identity incorporated which was done by our very invaluable Maker Alicia Milne with help from Khafra Rudder for our last event, journalist Michael Deibert, on Haiti.

WATCH the Wall Art Stop Motion Animation done for Show & Tell, Michael Deibert Special done by Khafra Rudder. HERE

Abovegroup - Show & Tell is a monthly(ish) event hosted by Abovegroup at our studio in Building 7, Fernandes Industrial Centre. Each event features a short presentation each session by at least one group or individual on a point of interest in any of the following disciplines: Graphic Design / Photography / Advertising / Branding / Writing / Poetry / Illustration / Architecture / Interior Design / Furniture Design / Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning / Typography / Identity / Chocolate Blending / Spirit Blending / Publishing / Fashion Design / Retail Design / Jewellery / Sculpture / Music / Film / Animation / Fine Arts /Pottery / just about anything else. Work can be commercial, non-commercial, published, conceptual, personal, whatever. Admission is free and the atmosphere is easy.

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