Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beauty in Destruction at STUDIO tonight!

Today Wednesday September 1st marks the date of the public release of local electronic music producer's album, “Beauty in Destruction.”

The launch event is to be held at Studio Lounge, 62 Ariapita Avenue, Port of Spain and starts at 9PM sharp.

Irukandji (Celsa Baptiste) has been creating electronic music for about 10 years, and has also dj’d many electronica events throughout the country. He looks at this form of music as one not only for nocturnal party-goers, as it is traditionally seen in Trinidad, but as a valid and viable artform, and would like to see it expand as it has in other countries.

Beauty in Destruction” is a collection of beat driven house music, complex drum & bass compositions, and ambient pieces. The launch event will feature the screening of “You Are Calling”, a short ambient film created by Elspeth Duncan. Photographic works by Carole Anne Ferris and Shireen Ali will also be shown.

The night should prove to be a true showcase of local-alternative art: A look into the future.

The album will be on sale at the event in both physical CD and digital file form.

More information is available at : and

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