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Cc: Everybody

Classified, Confidential - Everybody

Cc: Everybody explores the notion of privacy in the public domain. The project engages two common local media: the personals that appear in the national newspapers and a form of guerrilla street advertising developed locally to promote public parties.

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Friday, July 23, 2010


A model wearing a design from PILAR by Anya Ayoung-Chee stops traffic on a street in Woodbrook, Port of Spain in this July 22, 2010 picture. The fashion show was part of the second annual Erotic Art week and was held to acknowledge people who walk the streets as some areas in Woodbrook are known for prostitution. Erotic Art Week ends on July 31, 2010. (REUTERS)

EROTIC ARTWEEK 2010 picked up by Reuters

Foto: Reuters/Andrea De Silva

La segunda edición del Erotic Art week que se celebra en Trinidad ha tenido, como momento álgido, la celebración de un desfile en unas de las calles del popular barrio de Woodbrook, en Puerto España.

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goes out to Lorraine Rostant and Rostant Advertising... for all thier support in hosting OPEN UP Spoken word part 2 and the Erotic Artweek Fashion Show on the "verandah and under the trees". Guests were feted with great ambiance, Chocolate Martinis, courtesy Hand Arnold, the RED BULL music truck, an assortment of drinks, and I must say a lovely Pasta and Chick Peas Salad (made by Rostant herself).

But the night remained with the man who held court on the verandah...ATAKLAN...unplugged.
So big big big up to Rostant Advertising from the EAW crew.

hold an "r" dey...

TRINIDADIAN ARTIST MARLON GRIFFITH wins Commonwealth International Art Residency

The six winners of the 2010 Commonwealth Connections international arts residencies are as follows:

Pakistani painter Irfan Hasan, a graduate in the art of miniature painting, fuses his strong skills with original ideas to create contemporary paintings which are part social commentary, part philosophical enquiry. His intention is to base himself at the Bengal School of Arts in Kolkata, India, to explore other media, and to work with well-known contemporary and traditional Indian artists.

Marlon Griffith from Trinidad and Tobago is an artist who connects visual art with the public performance based on Trinidad Carnival, fusing together the cultural, spiritual and political. During his residency in the Bahamas he plans to create work with communities on the outskirts of Nassau as part of the local performing visual tradition of Junkanoo.

Australian artist Krishna Nadow-Ryall, whose ancestors came from Vanuatu, works in a wide range of media including sculpture, installation, digital media and photography. She often creates site-specific works that fuse Pacific patterns with western motif. She will return to Vanuatu to connect with her heritage, engage with local artists and bring back elements of traditional cultures to pass on to younger Australian South Sea Islanders.

Yasmin Jahan Nupur from Bangladesh produces works which are a combination of photography, painting, video and performance installation. She is planning to visit Mauritius and work with local artists to encourage dialogue around social issues, including gender and religious co-operation.

Self-taught sculptor Peter Paul Oloya is a former child soldier from Uganda who was abducted from his home at the age of 11. He now promotes art as a catalyst for social change and a solution to community problems. He will visit Nigeria to work with different communities to help promote a culture of peace, non violence and co-existence.

British artist Emma Smith is planning a residency in Kenya, using her inter-disciplinary and collaborative work, which includes events, encounters, performance, participation and photography, to explore the art of the everyday, working collaboratively with Kenyan artists and the local community.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, the first female leader of Trinidad & Tobago, receives a gift set of the commemorative photojournal Sean Drakes produced of her historic campaign. Photo: Rishi Ragoonath. July 16, 2010, Harris Promenade.
Available @ Book Pavilion, Khemlani's, Piarco Newsstand and Nigel R. Khan bookstores.


Let's really talk about this over-sexy event. Let's first hand it to Dave Williams Curator/Organiser. Often accused of doing what he want when he want and believing that it will all turn out fine. Well yes it did. It turned out more than fine it was friggin' fantastic. The Erotic fashion wasn't the only event on tonight as part of the festival but we all want to hear about the show... so lets talk about the show.

Imagine one block with about 600 people lining the streets, against the cars, in-between the cars, dominating the pavement, on the walls. Now imagine that the street is the runway. Imagine the models moving in between the cars. Imagine more and more people coming. Imagine the ramp getting smaller. Imagine cars can't pass. Imagine sexiness. Imagine Black Eye Peas pumpin' whole night from the Red Bull music truck until it catches on fire as the generator burns out. Imagine the music starting again from a UNC local government speaker car.

Imagine ‎* Anya de Rogue * lingerie, Imagine beautiful people in an out the show, Imagine sexy crochet bikinis by OFF THE HOOK Designs, Imagine sexy male wear and very skimpy sexy male wear too (the kind that could make a bedroom blush), Imagine sexiness by DLR"D" Dominque LaRoche. Now imagine woop woop is the sound of the police.

Evidently the organisers needed two weeks permission to block the street, play music and cause confusion. But it was all good. No oppression whatsoever. Models even wine on a police car. It was all good. But don't Imagine anymore. Just look at the pictures. And if you have any pictures from this event please post it to the FACEBOOK GROUP. If you haven't yet joined the group JOIN THE GROUP.

T&T's Erotic Art Week facebook group:

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The Allen Prize for Young Writers The Allen Prize for Young Writers is gearing up for its September rollout! Web site is up (still under construction) at

On facebook:!/pages/The-Allen-Prize-for-Young-Writers/140610979291840

Still from “The Life Movie”

by Nicholas Laughlin on July 20, 2010

Like a complicated multiple-exposure shot in an old avant-garde film, Christopher Cozier’s Now Showing conjures up an atmosphere of both nostalgia and sinister comedy. The eye doesn’t know where to focus first. The imagery derives from the artist’s private vocabulary — as he explains in a series of notes — but refers to a familiar gritty urban Caribbean space you could call Kingston or Georgetown or Nassau, though in this case the specific location is Port of Spain.

In his sardonic late-70s poem “The Spoiler’s Return”, Derek Walcott imagined the shade of the calypsonian on leave from Hades — “I decompose, but I composing still” — gazing down from the heights of Laventille across his former hometown. Through the eyes of his narrator, Walcott builds up an almost cinematic portrait of the city. Spoiler remarks:

all Port of Spain is a twelve-thirty show,
some playing Kojak, some Fidel Castro . . .

read it all here at CRB

The launch of Now Showing on 16 July, 2010, is covered in issue 13 of Draconian Switch. Filmmaker Mariel Brown has made a short documentary about the creation of the work.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Take this something funky and sexy in the white space.. and repost it to the EAW group and also make it your FACEBOOK profile for the week july 21st - 31st...this is your chance to participate in EROTIC ARTWEEK 2010!!! WE STARTING NOW!

schedule of events and artists:

facebook group:!/group.php?gid=94320665888&ref=ts


Wed 21st- Opening night
All venues open - art up for public viewing. Listed artists will be spread across the following venues:

Moksha Yoga, 103 Tragarete Road
Pink Cheri/Flam Couture, Ariapita and Murray St
Cafe Marrakesh, Baden Powell and Murray Sts
Island People, Tragarete Rd and Murray St
Alice Yard, Roberts St between Carlos and Murray Sts
Drink WIne Bar, Rosalino and Roberts Sts
Brooklyn Bar, Cor. Carlos and Roberts Sts
Studio, Cor. Luis St and Ariapita Avenue
Body Art, Ariapita Avenue, next to Studio
Bohemia, 34 Murray St
Rostant Advertising, 32 Murray St
Humzinger, Maraval Rd
Sky Bar, Cor. Murray St and Ariapita Ave


Photo Booth returns
Last year's interactive erotic photographic experiment is back. Find yuhself in the Rodell Warner's Booth. Every day of erotic Art Week at 33 Murray Street, Woodbrook.

Aphrodisia ...a taste of eroticism
Enjoy special menus created to excite the sense at any of EAW partner restaurants and bars.
Humzinger, Maraval Road
Café Marrakesh, Baden Powell and Murray Streets
Studio, Ariapita Avenue
Drink WIne Bar, Rosalino and Roberts Streets
Brooklyn Bar Carlos and Roberts Streets
Also get a chance to see and purchase the hottest book in T&T - Caribbean Aphrodisiac Recipes by Sheldon Lutchman at Café Marrakesh

Thurs 22nd 9pm
Dressed for Work
One Fashion show on one block
Fashion hits Murray Street in an ode to the people who walk the streets
Chiz'l Men's Wear by Ivaek Archer
Pink Cheri
Off the Hook Designs
Pilar by Anya Ayoung Chee
BAGz by Richard Mark Rawlins
DLR"D" by Dominique LaRoche

Sunday 25th 12 Noon and Monday 26th 6PM.
Yoga Erotica
Moksha yoga presents two special classes, Sunday 25th 12 Noon and Monday 26th 6PM.
Arouse your inner energies... discover the art of TANTRA and how to make it truly exciting... bring a partner and come.
103 Tragarete Street Call (868) HOT-YOGA

Friday 23rd
To the poles...Our vote is Exotic Erotic Dancing
It election season again. N9 Studio offers a introductory demonstration and participatory session on Friday 23rd, 28 New Street POS. 6 pole together with eastern and chair dancing make the evening a must. Session begins at 7pm.
Call 745-6809 to reserve.

Monday 26th
Carnival Erotic - Join the discussion
Sky Bar 6:30PM
Monday 26th
A continuation of last year's discussion on how Carnival reflects, informs and/or contradicts eroticism in our society and economy. Panelists include Gender expert, Dr Charleston Thomas, Novelist and social observer, Earl Lovelace and Island People founder, Derrick Lewis.

Thur 29th
Croquis ...draw!
Thur 29th 7pm
Above Studios, Fernandez Compound, Laventille
Bring your pads and pencils. Chee Lovelace and Above Studios collaborate to bring live models to the floor for. We provide the inspiration, you provide the talent.

Saturday 24th
Party Hard...In-between
6 to 12 PM
Bohemia, 33 Murray St
The fun/d raising in-between after party is a rent-a-tile event.3ft x3ft tiles are offered for sale in steamy evening of riding the rhythms. Bring a partner or pick one up there. DJs Tracy Assing, Stephen Doobal and Joy Juice; then head home and sleep it off so yuh could cast a descent vote. Admission is $50

Thursday 27th 8:30pm
Libertine... Ladies only... More erotic fun/d raising
Bohemia 33 Murray St
'Woman is boss'. Some of the best male specimens, in the service of women.
All within the law. Admission is $170
Bookings at 333-8976
(room for 75 women only)

Happy Endings
Saturday 31st 8:30pm
Bohemia 33 Murray St
Join us as we bring EAW "WIDER" 2010 to a climax


Café Marrakesh (10am – 6:30pm)

Patricia Frederick

Heino Schmid

Garvin Pierre

Alita Blackett

Island People (10am – 6pm)

Brianna McCarthy

Aaron Ramkalawan

Alex Smailes

James Hackett
(work completed at Alice Yard may be displayed here)

Alice Yard (4pm – 9pm)

Renu Boodosingh, Raquel Vasquez La Roche & Jemima Charles

James Hackett

Lisa Moore

Palaver Pachenko Machocher George

Betrand de Peaza

Gregory Williams

33 Murray St (Bohemia) 12noon – 9pm

Darnell Jones

Alicia Milne

Luis Vasquez

Arnaldo James

Rodell Warner

Richard Rawlins

Daren Ramirez

Paul Kain

Cyrus Sylveste

Sky Bar (6pm - 10pm)

Boscoe Holder

Rostant Advertising

Gavin Pierre

Brooklyn Bar (9am – 8pm)

James Hackett (work completed at Alice Yard may be displayed here)

Brianna McCarthy & Rodell Warner

Other EAW Artists rotated daily

Drink Wine Bar (4pm – 12 Midnight)

Wayne Small

Che Lovelace

Stuart Hahn

David Subran

M.M. Malone

Christian Alexis

Studio (6pm – 12 Midnight)

Brianna McCarthy & Rodell Warner

Jeffrey Chock

Daniella Carrington

Nisha Kong

Pink Cheri/Flam couture

Lingerie and more

Nadella Benjamin
Jeffrey Chock
Sheldon Lutchman
Patricia Frederick
Daniella Carrington
Stuart Hahn
Ivaek Archer
James Hackett
David Subran
Gavin Pierre
Boscoe Holder
Darnell Jones
Jemima Charles
Alex Smailes
Cyrus Sylvester
Off the Hook Designs
Aaron Ramkalawan
Heino Schmid
Anya Ayoung Chee
Che Lovelace
Arnoldo James
Brianna McCarthy
Raquel Vasquez
Paul Kain
Richard Rawlins
Nalinee Akal (N9 Studios)
Luiz Vasquez
Lisa Moore
Wayne Small
M.M. Malone
Alicia Milne
Darren Cheewah
Renu Boodoosingh
Melissa Doughty
David Subran
Rodell Warner
Muhamed Muakil

Monday, July 19, 2010


ISSUE 13 features Artist Christopher Cozier’s new work ‘NOW SHOWING’, Photographer Alex Smailes’ gritty self-exposing Gangland Photos, interviews with Animator Luis Vasquez, COBO Masman Ashraph Richard Ramsaran and artist Adele Todd gives a posthumourous response to bookbinder, performance artist, designer, character Richard S. Bolai’s passing. All this plus Mariel Brown's streaming video "Now Showing": Signs and Stories in Christopher Cozier's Art.

This is a multimedia interactive PDF and best viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader and with a live internet connection. download it here:

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The fun/d raising in-between after party is a rent-a-tile event.3ft x3ft tiles are offered for sale in steamy evening of riding the rhythms. Bring a partner or pick one up there. DJs Tracy Assing, Stephen Doobal and Joy Juice; then head home and sleep it off so yuh could cast a decent vote.

Party Hard...In-between
Saturday 24th
6 to 12 PM


Dressed for Work - Thurs 22nd 9pm
One Fashion show on one block

Saturday, July 17, 2010

NOW SHOWING: Signs and Stories in Christopher Cozier's Art

"Now Showing": Signs and Stories in Christopher Cozier's Art from Mariel Brown on Vimeo.

A short independent film which follows Trinidadian visual artist, Christopher Cozier, as he works on a commissioned limited edition print for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. Cozier, at work in his studio, describes his life's work to find a visual vocabulary with which he can tell his own stories.

A film by Mariel Brown with Richard Rawlins. Special thanks to Marlon Darbeau and Tracy Hutchings.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

NOW SHOWING : Christopher Cozier

Today Friday - July - 16th - 6pm.

The National Museum and Art Gallery & the trinidad+tobago film
festival for the unveiling of the official 2010 festival artwork by
Christopher Cozier.

detnator & daaknite project/best village folk fair – the introduction

read more about the project here:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jazzup The Runway

Starlift panyard in Mucurapo recently played host to the Jazz Alliance of Trinidad and Tobago's, jazz and fashion event, "Jazzup The Runway ". A balmy evening with a delicious breeze provided the atmosphere for the concert and fashion show. The Sean Thomas ensemble was excellent. As Sean Thomas put it "imagine this from a band that was put together and quickly rehearsed about thirty Jazz standards in about three minutes." The collection of standards like, Fly me to the moon and Summertime were well received. The Fashion featured work by Designers: ‘Shurnel’ featuring accessories by ‘Koko Karibi Designs’, Themudtoneproject, Artist Richard Mark Rawlins, CAFD Students Work at UTT as well as Off The Hook Dzigns. Fine performances all round.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


A modern take on a classic
courtesy SCORCH issue 21

The actual art is based on a classic rendition of Rosie the Riveter, pictured here in
J. Howard Miller's "We Can Do It!"

Rosie the Riveter was most closely associated with a real woman, Rose Will Monroe, who was born in Pulaski County, Kentucky[6][7][8] in 1920 and moved to Michigan during World War II. She worked as a riveter at the Willow Run Aircraft Factory in Ypsilanti, Michigan, building B-29 and B-24 bombers for the U.S. Army Air Forces. Monroe achieved her dream of piloting a plane at the age of 50 and her love of flying resulted in an accident that contributed to her death 19 years later.[4] Monroe was asked to star in a promotional film about the war effort at home. The song "Rosie the Riveter" was popular at the time,[2] and Monroe happened to best fit the description of the worker depicted in the song.[9] Rosie went on to become perhaps the most widely recognized icon of that era. The films and posters she appeared in were used to encourage women to go to work in support of the war effort.- wikipedia