Monday, August 31, 2009

An Evening of Readings Fiction, Poetry, Spoken Word

Monday, September 14, 2009
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Hotel Normandie
10 Nook Avenue

Paper Based Bookshop invites you
to an Evening of Readings From :

The White Woman on the Green Bicycle
by Monique Roffey

Approaching Sabbaths
Poetry by Jennifer Rahim
and presented by Dr Rose-Ann Walker

Poetry by Spoken Word Artist
Lou Dilean Lyons

Please RSVP at 625-3197 or 734-6091
or email

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Equally fashionable dotcom for designer

Published: 9 Aug 2009

read entire article here at Guardian WomanWise online:

Friday, August 28, 2009


7 to 14 September, 2009

In September 2009, Alice Yard marks its third anniversary as a space for creative experiment. We celebrate this small milestone with a modest programme of three events that explore in different ways the free conversation, collaboration, and improvisation that characterise Alice Yard.

= Monday 7 September, 2009: The idea of “free”

Alice Yard is part of a growing network of creative projects and initiatives supported by ideas, enthusiasm, and cooperation, rather than institutional structure. Sean Leonard, Alice Yard’s chief instigator, joins in a public conversation about “free” as a model for creative collaboration with the makers and doers of some of these allied projects: Richard Rawlins, Marlon Darbeau, Dave Williams, and Terry Smith, representing the Draconian Switch e-magazine, Trinidad and Tobago Erotic Art Week, and INDIgroove.
8.00 pm

= Wednesday 9 September, 2009: “Free yourself, be yourself”

Since September 2006, Alice Yard has been home to 12 the band, led by Sheldon Holder, and a centre for musical creativity and exchange. In a pre-celebration of the launch of their first album, Streets and Avenues, 12 will play an acoustic set reflecting on their first performance in the Alice Yard space three years ago. Before the performance, Christopher Cozier will join in a conversation with Sheldon Holder; Martin “Mice” Raymond, producer of Streets and Avenues; artist Wendell McShine, co-director of the video for 12’s song “Prosper”; and Marlon Darbeau, designer of the album’s innovative packaging.
8.00 pm

= Monday 14 September, 2009: 24HRS with Marlon Griffith

Artist Marlon Griffith’s practice is situated at the intersection of the visual and public performance. He has shown his work internationally in New York, Johannesburg, Kingston, Gwangju, Cape Town, and Toronto, among other locations, and has worked as a mas designer for many years in both Port of Spain and London. Griffith also conceived the idea for the 24HRS residency programme, in which an artist creates a site-specific work in the space of a day, influenced by interactions with anyone who passes through Alice Yard during that period. On 14 September he will take up temporary residence at Alice Yard and the resulting work will be presented to the public that evening. Artist Jaime Lee Loy — who has worked collaboratively with Griffith, and who was the first artist to present her work at Alice Yard — will give a short introductory talk.
7.30 pm

All are invited.

Alice Yard Space

Photo by Georgia Popplewell

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Laura Ferreira is having her first solo photography / digital art exhibition

Laura Ferreira is having her first solo photography /
digital art exhibition on November 2nd @ More Vino
in Trinidad and Tobago.

'What better place to have my work shown than a sushi bar ♥ .
I will be selling prints and my 2010 calendar featuring old and
exclusive new work. If you're in Trinidad in November feel free
to come by, my work will be there for the entire month.'- LF

Calendars are TT$150 (US$25)

Those of you who are interested in purchasing a calendar
please email Laura F. at

Monday, August 24, 2009

the Graffiti UNLEASHED

the Graffiti UNLEASHED now opens one more day this Friday 28th!
the Grand Finale now takes place this Friday!

The Venue:
Alice Yard, walking distance from Brooklyn Bar & and the Island People building on Tragarite Road

Exact Address:
#81, Roberts Street, Woodbrook

5pm - 10pm

A DUTCH cocktail lime!
Live Entertainment. You just MAY glimpse a graffiti artist. Come after work, bring your coolers! Make use of our cutters on sale.

for more info:
check the pictures from the expo:

check the GRAFFITI Video, taken from the expo itself!:

The Expo on facebook:

contact us:
Zac- 748-1931, Matt- 730-6360
EEEmpire ® hotline: 1-868-760-4989

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Joy by Brianna Mccarthy

Patricia Grannum is a blogger, freelance journalist and jewelry designer based in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. She interviews Brianna Mccarthy here in her new series of female artist. Her blog is WOMAN OF COLOUR.

Intro: Last week I interviewed Brianna Mccarthy about her lovely illustrations. Read to find out even more about her..

Do you seek to convey a particular message with each piece? Is that a part of your creative process?

It’s about emotion, a feeling, a mood - all in an effort to know and understand who I am and to understand the sum of my experiences and how they have refined what I am. I think all of my work comes out of whatever I may have been feeling at the time; I tend to be a sensitive person; I notice subtle things. Which I think is the case for most people who make things.

read the rest of the interview here... CLICK NOW!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

TTFF 09 Opening Night Red Carpet Gala

You're in Focus!
OPENING NIGHT GALA Tuesday 15 September, 2009 at 6:00pm Advance Tickets Available Location: MovieTowne with After Party @ Zen Nightclub Feature Presentation RAIN
Maria Govan 2008 /93 minutes/Bahamas /English Director

Screenplay: When Rain’s beloved grandmother dies she is forced to trade her simple but happy life on Ragged Island for the uncertainties of living in the capital with her mother, Glory, who abandoned her while a baby. Home becomes a two-room Nassau shack and Glory proves unfit for parental duties, being a drug addict, a prostitute, and quite possibly HIV positive. Rain seems destined for a bleak future, but for one thing: she is a promising sprinter. Her school’s track teacher, Trinidadian Ms. Adams, becomes coach and mother figure to Rain, who is determined, almost literally, to outrun her fate. Shot in an unvarnished yet accomplished quasi-neorealist style, unsentimental yet humane in tone, and featuring a soulful pan-Caribbean music soundtrack (which includes Isaac Blackman’s “To the Ceiling”), Rain is one of the first indigenous feature films to come out of the Bahamas. It seeks to go beyond stereotypical and reductive notions of the region as simply either a postcard paradise or a cauldron of social and economic problems, instead taking a more nuanced, complex view of the realities of contemporary Caribbean life. In facing up to these realities, Rain is at times a dark and disturbing film, yet ultimately one of uplift and hope.

Awards: Audience Award, Bahamas International Film Festival 2008; Special Mention, New Voices, New Visions Award, Palm Springs International Film Festival 2008; Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival 2008.

Limited seats available, so please call the festival
office at 621-0709 to reserve your tickets for the
screening and after party today.
Host:trinidad+tobago film festival '09
Time:6:00PM Tuesday, September 15th
Location:MovieTowne & Zen Nightclub

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


IF ANYONE HAS PAINT... ANY COLOUR... EMULSION ONLY... OR CANS OF SPRAY PAINT TO DONATE...PLEASE DROP IT OFF AT AT ALICE YARD, 81 ROBERTS ST. WOODBROOK. There is a Graffiti installation being mounted at the Yard on AUG 21st. The artists need as much paint as you can give them and they could get to support this endeavour. Old rollers brushes and trays welcome as well. Please pass this on.

Thanks much.

More about this event here.

for more of the Grafitti scene in Trinidad

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


"This project was started as a means of featuring not just hidden talents but also what goes on in their heads when they aren’t thinking aloud," writes Darbeau.

"Draconian Switch is intended to amuse, perform, entertain, provoke, and irk the reader. What you get from it is entirely up to you."
Read it all here.

Steven Heller is the cofounder and the co-chair of the MFA Designer as Author program at the School of Visual Arts. He writes the Visuals column for the New York Times Book Review, the Graphic Content blog for T-Style, is editor of AIGA Voice, and contributor to Design Observer. He is the author, coauthor, and/or editor of more than 120 books on design and popular culture, including the forthcoming New Ornamental Type (Thames and Hudson).

Monday, August 17, 2009

"GRAFFITI UNLEASHED" - Graffiti Exhibition From the "Streets" to Alice Yard...

A Graffiti Exhibition featuring artwork from Graffiti Artists - MANF, HEF, JAP, KRAZE, SPADE, HOWOK, CH3W@H, KONK and SPIT....
representative of that which currently adorns the walls, galvanize sheets and any other means that have the true art of Graffiti on it in Trinidad and Tobago..... Alice Yard will be transformed into a Graffiti Haven...

Types of Graffiti being portrayed are Stencils ( Spade and KRAZE), Sticker Graffiti (KRAZE), Abstract Graffiti (MANF, CH3W@H and HOWOK), Bombings (HEF, JAP, HOWOK and CH3W@H) and Graffiti Style Paintings (KRAZE, KONK and SPIT). Artwork will be on SALE with part of the proceeds going to Charity...

The Graffiti Exhibition opens on August 21st from 6 p.m - 11 p.m. Subsequent Opening times for the Exhibition are as follows- Saturday and Sunday from 3 p.m - 11 p.m and Monday to Friday from 6 p.m - 11 p.m....

LIVE Entertainment will be provided by The EEEmpire
For more Graffiti in Trinidad and Tobago check out this website:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

18 August, 2009, at Alice Yard: Gerard Gaskin: Trinidad Artists

On Tuesday 18 August, 2009, at 7.30 pm, photographer Gerard Gaskin will discuss and show selections from his ongoing Trinidad Artists series at Alice Yard.

Trinidad Artists is a work in progress, a survey of Trinidad's creative topography via portraits of three generations of visual artists, musicians, writers, performers, and others. Shot in a standard format--close up, in natural light and with a shallow depth of field--each portrait is an intimate encounter. "The impact of the world around the subject can be logically inferred only from the light, the expression, or from what is reflected in the eyes," writes Christopher Cozier.

Gaskin is currently in Trinidad shooting new portraits for the series, using Alice Yard's exterior spaces as his studio. Next Tuesday evening he will give a talk about Trinidad Artists and his other recent projects, moderated by Cozier. Images from the Trinidad Artists series will be projected in the Alice Yard Space.

Visit Gaskin's website to see a portfolio of his work:

Read Christopher Cozier's essay on Trinidad Artists, published in the August 2008 Caribbean Review of Books:

And please forward this announcement to anyone who may be interested in this event.


In September 2009, Alice Yard will mark its third anniversary as a space for free and experimental creativity. Look out in coming weeks for information about the programme of events celebrating this anniversary.


Alice Yard is the backyard of the house at 80 Roberts Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain. Since September 2006, Alice Yard has hosted a series of performances, exhibitions, screenings, and other "conversations", bringing musicians, artists, writers, and audiences together for informal interaction.

All are invited.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Terry found his groove

Mark Lyndersay's Bit Depth Series continues.
Trace a quirky thread from a lecturer's failed presentation
to students in London, through Jamaica to an architectural
firm in Trinidad and Tobago and you'll find Terry Smith at
the end of it; pursuing an intriguing take on web video.
read the full article here.

About BitDepth
BitDepth is the oldest continuously published column
on technology in Trinidad and Tobago. It premiered
in The Express in September 1995 and it ran there
until November 1998, when it moved to The Guardian.

Click here for more BitDepth.


There's been a rise recently in the level of graffiti
and street art adorning POS and environs here are
some links to more on this emerging
• website:
• facebook group:
and a link a theBOOKMANN blog post entitled... BOYS LOOKING FOR A BUSS HEAD
Read the tirade that follows in the comments portion. Classic...

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Click this link to view the entire album


This project evolved from a few conversations with Gareth Jenkins in 2008, and developed into a program committed to educate about the importance of design in our everyday world. How do we get across the value of well thought-out design? We implement it in all our work and client projects - but as he often says, “good design should be invisible.”
-Alex Smailes, Photographer

To see more on this continuing project and other cool design related stuff click here:

Up Close at Trinidad's Carnival

What's really behind the raucous pre-lenten rite?

An intrepid scholar hits the streets of Trinidad to find out

Click here for a great CK09 gallery by Alex Smailes
For more Alex Smailes work
check out Above Studios blog.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


THE REPUBLIC of Sydenham emerged in 2007 as a collective of independent artists, writers, and activists. The Republic has presented live dance performances, benefits, drumming sessions, and dialogues. The Republic Art Gallery has hosted art exhibitions and featured live music performances. On five acres of private land, it is also home to the seven mango trees, eight fig trees, countless paw-paw, tambarind and one, two mad cats. THE REPUBLIC is located in the hills of St. Ann's, Port of Spain, near Queens Park Savannah, Royal Botanic Gardens, the Prime Minister's official residence and diplomatic centre, and Emperor Valley Zoo.

Offers artists residencies (up to three months) in contemporary and traditional dance and performance studies in Trinidad & Tobago in an open, comfortable environment with many opportunities for interaction, exchange and learning. The goal of the residency is to provide a space where professional dance artists from the Caribbean can engage in creation, conversation and performance with dance and performing artists from around the world.

For further information, contact: Program Coordinator, Jennifer Joyce. Read the Application Guidelines here.


DAVE WILLIAMS performing WAITING, Alice Yard 2007
photo by Nicholas Laughlin

"The size and shape of the space around us figures the shape of what we feel we need to get out of and how far away from it we think we need to run. The shape of the space around us, therefore, prescribes not only what we move like but what we form ourselves into in order to reside in, or escape it." - Dave Williams

The performance was based on a series of drawings and aimed to experiment with elements of dance to develop a contemporary performance vernacular. Williams quite interestingly did so, beginning with a dance featuring 5-foot stilts in a 9' x 7' box. The stilts are part of Trinidad's moko-jumbie tradition - an West African stilt-walking legacy and integral part of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.
See more at Alice Yard's blog here.

reposted from the blog: of Makeda Thomas

Williams is a regular writer in Draconian Switch magazine. An accomplished dancer, choreographer, 6 time Cacique Winner and thinker, Williams is always on the cusp of something new. Williams was one of the organisers of Trinidad and Tobago's recently concluded Erotic Artweek Festival. Williams also produced the online book Radical UPgrade. Download it here.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Patricia Grannum is a blogger, freelance journalist and jewelry designer based in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. She interviews Brianna Mccarthy here in her new series of female artist. Her blog is WOMAN OF COLOUR. CHECK IT OUT.

The Girl who Paints Girls! Brianna Mccarthy
(Today's the first of a series of interviews/features of women in visual and graphic art. The interview is mostly unedited for deeper insight. Read on and Enjoy!)

Intro: The first thing I noticed about Brianna Mccarthy's girls were their eyes. Sometimes they're defiant, sometimes they're alluring and soulful. What strikes me most is that when I look at the eyes in her paintings I feel I've seen these girls before. Not on the canvas but on the streets of Trinidad and Tobago, our mutual home. So I had to talk to her about her inspiration...

Tell me a bit about your background: where are you from in Trinidad/Tobago? What was it like growing up there? I’m a Curepe girl. I grew up on a street that was more rural than you would expect for an area so close to UWI full article here.

Check out Brianna's blog here. PASSION FRUIT and check out her work in Draconian Switch 8


The centre Beeldende art Rotterdam has started ArtRoPa in February 2007 with the project. This project is component of a four-year joint operating agreement between the municipality Rotterdam and the republic Surinam which on 19 February 2007 by the president of Surinam, Ronald Venetiaan and the burgomaster of Rotterdam, Ivo Opstelten it has been signed.

Aim of ArtRoPa is reinforcing the cultural infrastructure

and the promotion of the interculturele dialogue. This means exchange of ideas and stimulating creativity and diversity. Correctly artists have as the no other one possibility of laying connections between several cultures, of cooperating and as key characters compare notes.

Moreover the project an intense perception offers the artists, the gained inspiration can lead to deepening of their work. Artists from Surinam and Rotterdam get the chance of meeting colleague, of exchanging knowledge, of extending networks and their practical experience to deepen. Go to the site here.

Now the site is in Dutch so translate the site here using Babelfish web page convertor.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SAVANT CREATING CONTENT grounded firmly in the Caribbean

SAVANT Ltd is an independent video production company based in Trinidad and Tobago. Begun in 2004, SAVANT has produced several television productions that cross genres and expose viewers to vibrant and engaging stories from around the Caribbean and beyond. Its flagship show, Sancoche, a cooking and travel programme broadcast throughout the Caribbean, is in its fourth season of production. In 2006, SAVANT took its production studio to the streets of Port of Spain for Makin' Mas, a six-part reality documentary series about Carnival in Trinidad. SAVANT is grounded firmly in the Caribbean, with shows focused on the region. It is particularly interested in addressing the dearth of Caribbean-produced programmes. Its mission is to provide a face and a voice to one of the world's most vibrant regions, with a rich tradition of multiculturalism. The Caribbean is our entry point to the rest of the world: our stories are universal and transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

Making Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. Winner Best Documentary, Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, 2007

For four months of every year, a camp of people converges for the ritual of making carnival. Their time together is intense, vivid and exhausting. When the insatiable season comes to an end, art will have been made, worn and discarded… until the season comes again. BUY THE DVD HERE



Here's a recent project by one of the Dutch artists participating
in the ArtRoPa Suriname-Netherlands exchange programme...Arnold Schalks

In 1966 a number of facsimile texts, drawings and sketches were published under the title The White Box / À l'infinitif, which Marcel Duchamp made à propos of his famous work The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. In one of those texts Duchamp writes in an imperious tone of his dreams of a new kind of dictionary...

Duchamp's dictionary is a multimedia project avant la lettre, which makes it a marvellous excuse for Poetry International to ask musicians, poets, designers, visual artists and architects to react to Duchamp's text. With no preconditions. The final form of the presentation issues from the reactions, and hence was not predetermined either.

Five artists: Elisabeth Tonnard, William Engelen, Paul Bogaers, Arnold Schalks and Anneke Auer accepted the challenge to ignore the boundaries of their own discipline and to go in search of new forms and unexpected connections. In order to find a way of translating Duchamp's ideas.

read more here

Paramaribo SPAN: Conversation: "You cannot eat from just one plate"

AS: What do you think is the function of art?

KN: Art is, first, what is inside me bubbling to get out. I release it through art. Second, art is a voice for things at play in the community around me. I reflect these things in my work. Third, art is a means to get closer to the community. As an artist, you have a duty to educate. Through your work, you can show people what is right or wrong, and how to do things differently. Art reaches people better than a textbook.-Kurt Nahar

Paramaribo SPAN
is a conversation about contemporary art and visual culture in Suriname. It will conclude with an exhibition in Paramaribo in February 2010, accompanied by a book published in three language editions. This blog is the online component of the project.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



8 pieces • 19"x 24" • Acrylic on voile (stretched over ply)

Serious inquires only
About Cheewah: click here.

Paramaribo Span

"I am an interpreter," he says. "I translate the messages I receive from the universe any way I can: through the art I make, through the music I play. I am a mailman. And the message I bring is love, pure love. So yes: I am an artist who delivers the mail."-Roberto Tjon A Meeuw

Paramaribo SPAN is a conversation about contemporary art and visual culture in Suriname. It will conclude with an exhibition in Paramaribo in February 2010, accompanied by a book published in three language editions. This blog is the online component of the project. It is at once a journal, an archive, and an independent creative undertaking.

Clear D Way for the return of the Chantwell

Corner Bar on Wednesday 5th August. Full band, new material, good Trinbago music and vibes. 10 pm sharp!!! Admission: FREE! FREE! FREE! Chantwell was one of the pioneer Rapso groups of the early 1990s that re-ignited young Trinidad & Tobago music along with groups like Kindred and Home Front. Chantwell expanded the sound of Rapso by including Alternative Rock, Folk and Jazz inflections into the music- as well as live band music. Chantwell is lead singer and songwriter Rubadiri Victor and the community of artists he works with. For a cool Chantwell video click here. For more on Generation Lion Magazine. Click here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mark Lyndersay: The best local arts magazine you've never seen

The notion came to Richard Rawlins while he was on a flight to St Petersburg, Florida. He was talking to colleague Marlon Darbeau about life in advertising when he realised that young designers weren't having nearly as much fun as he did when he started in the field. So he created a magazine that would become a playground for a new generation of artists, writers and designers working in advertising in Trinidad and Tobago. "Personal work is a powerful part of the creative process," Rawlins said. "The magazine was a way of bringing people in the industry together to do projects."
Read the full article here.


My father was first and foremost a good person, great father, toymaker, illustrator, model maker, grandfather, husband and public servant... this is some of his life. - Richard Rawlins

Draconian Switch Issue 9 is supported by the bonus photo book 'SMALL MAN, The World My Father Made' by Richard Rawlins about his father artist Kenwyn Rawlins work in toys and miniatures.
Go download it here.

DRACONIAN SWITCH ISSUE 9 THE Laura Ferreira issue.

Erotic Art week 2009 may be over, but we here at Draconian Switch are back at it, though we think we do deserve a little nap. Our previous issue showcasing the best of Erotic Art Week, certainly left an impression , it had an incredible 4000 plus downloads, with readership in over 30 countries and from as far away as Russia , France , UK, and Morocco! We all needed a cigarette after we saw the stats.

This issue showcases an artist who would have been at Erotic Art week if it were not for her dodgy hardrive-but EAW's loss is our gain. At just 24 years old Laura Ferreira has made quite an impact on the photographic world. Check out more of her work

Switch is proud to welcome two high profile debutantes to our writing crew, Lisa Allen Agostini, and Sophie Wight. Lisa is the co Editor of 'Trinidad Noir', a collection of short stories . check it out here, Sophie meanwhile is the face and soul of Scorch Magazine , T&T's hottest entertainment mag.

Designer Crystal Antoine sets sights beyond Caribbean

Like many young artists, Crystal Antoine gravitated toward her passions very early in life. “In secondary school, art was my thing. It was always art. Everything about art and being creative, I wanted to do it,” said Antoine.

And like many young artists, she received advice from adults who knew better. “People kept asking me, ‘What are you going to do? Art can’t pay the bills.” Antoine has proved them wrong by becoming a successful graphic designer at one of T&T’s largest advertising agencies.
read the rest of the article here at The Guardian Woman Wise on-line

Continuum has Something for the Little and Something for the Big

Continuum Dance Project will present its second venture for 2009 entitled little stuff & big stuff at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop in Belmont on Saturday, August 8 and Sunday, August 9, 2009.

There will be two performances each day - the Once Upon a Caribbean Time stories for children will take place at 4:00pm, and Experimenta, a series of solos and group works by the company, begins at 7:00 pm.

Artistic Director, Sonja Dumas, who is the writer and creator of the CD entitled Once Upon a Caribbean Time from which the children’s stories will be adapted, is equally excited about the prospect of encouraging budding choreographers in Experimenta.

There is always room for new thinkers and movers in dance,
she said, and their efforts should be encouraged. Dumas will
also present two of her own works Vapse and The Strange Tale of an Island Shade. The latter is a work in progress.

Continuum Dance Project, which had its first public performance in 2004, is a creative laboratory that uses movement as its main tool of performance
exploration in a contemporary context.

Admission to the Once Upon A Caribbean Time show is $30 for children and $20 for adults. General admission to Experimenta is $40.

Reservations can be made by calling the Trinidad Theatre Workshop at 624-8502

RODELL WARNER. U GOIN' IN? Interview with Tracy J. H.

“Cameras are Erotic. Yeah. You throw a camera in a situation people start acting, things start happening. You know?” – Rodell Warner

DAWG! You have undoubtedly created one of the most memorable
events of the Erotic Art Week. What prompted this social experiment? T.J.H.

Thanks for saying that :] it’s crazy how everything worked out. What I wanted was to make work for erotic art week that was an extension of what I was already thinking and making work about and that’s the people around me; our collective identity, what we’re like, how we want to be seen and all the things that go along with that. So in the context of this event, I wondered what we would do with a camera given the privacy of an empty room, no rules and the option of anonymity.

For the full interview download Erotic Artweek Draconian Switch Issue 8
For more on Rodell Warner click here.


In the beginning there was the writer’s block, and it was good. Draconian Switch, not to mention the collaborations I’ve done over the years, wouldn’t be anything without the writers. Here are few of these writers and the stuff they have done or are doing and the usually pointed links to stuff that they are on. You’ve just got to love html. Let's begin... Melanie Archer, Melvina Hazard, Dwight Campbell and Darryn Boodan. Draconian Switch has been blessed with a great editor in the person of Darryn Boodan. Boods as he’s fondly called made his debut in issue two and has been instrumental in getting a greater writing pool together for the magazine. People still talk about his erotic poem “ PLACE TO”. Boods is currently working on a five minute documentary. Boods was also instrumental in bringing writers like Rhonda Badal, Sheldon Gerard Pierre and QD Ross to the Switchfold. Of course there was Ross with fellow creative Anthony Burnley were instrumental in dropping 411 on us some years ago. 411 was the big music and entertainment thing in T&T. If the issues of this discontinued mag are around in pdf, I’ll talk to Q about posting them. These days Q is involved in plenty things. He rolls deep with the Detonator crew, bubbles a helluva pot, and writes the lyrics to Matthew Burkett’s images on Shutter Def. Interestingly enough Indra Ramcharan first female editor (Draconian Switch 7) also rolled with the 411 crew at one time. These days Indra ‘10p’ Ramcharan is up as a production person and sound tech. She’s currently studying sound engineering part time and working in advertising as a TV producer. Most recently she was the actress in the Richard Rawlins/ Dave Williams piece ‘This Ting This Ting’, check it out in Draconian Switch 8, the Erotic Issue. Indra was responsible for getting Nicole Martin Clarke on board. NMC wrote this really cool thing in switch 8 where you feel like you are in her head while she is viewing the EROTIC ARTWEEK symposium. Then there’s Dave Williams. I don’t have the space to begin to talk about Dave here. So click here for a cool Adele Todd interview, and download switch 8 to see Dave’s work (he was one of the organisers of EAW’09). As I write this Dave is in Martinique attending a choreographer’s workshop. Also early on the writer’s block had the likes of Ayo Ouditt and Tracy Hutchings involved. Ayo is off on a scholarship to Rhode Island School of Design. Tracy is actively pursuing his ‘spoken word’ talents. He most recently finished three performances at POWERGEN’s Emancipation day events. The latest writer to join our little artistic collective has been Sophie Wight. Sophie as you know is practically the face of Scorch magazine. Sophie was recently interviewed in the online series

Working Artist Darren Cheewah

CHEEWAH is a Professional Artist who sells his Artwork in Galleries, Shows, and through private Commissions. His work includes Acrylic and Oil Paintings on Canvas, Original Digital Art, and Color Pencils.He is also a Tattoo Artist at Body Art Caribbean.

Artist Statement:17 w exhibition ; After 33 leaves there is a Gem, I draw on them with intuitive ease, i have collected 227 cards that did illustrations on from witch i randomly chose 70 to develop as paintings.

Featured here is WHITE PAIN from 17W created by Cheewah and animated by Anderson Mitchell. For more video of Cheewah at work and discussing the artscene and life, checkout Cheewah's work was also featured in Draconian Switch issue 2. For more of 17W click here.

Contact Cheewah: (868) 685-0692 or (868) 786-6062, Email:

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alexandra Dodd on Marlon Griffith

A Walk in the Night


Photo courtesy Wendel Fernandez

“…Walk Into the Night was inspired by the history of the Cape Town Carnival and was intended to obliquely tell the story of the forced removals in Cape Town. It was billed an “invisible masquerade” – a processional shadow play, with various elements worn or carried by a multitude of participants, casting shadows onto horizontal and vertical planes along the itinerary of the procession, from hand-held white screens, to buildings, the sidewalk and the ground, participants and audience.”

click here for the rest of the article Small Axe

Samantha Rochard

Samantha Rochard is a Fine Art painter for whom the term "comfort zone" has not applied. She frequently moves from topic to topic, with styles changing as much as four times during a year.
To date, 2008 has been the artists most productive period, with three showings at the Red Earth Arts Festival, Fine Art Gallery, and More Vino. There were also special appearances by her paintings in Inmybedmagazine ( and in ART FETE, Hong Kong; a fund raising drive for the victims of the earthquake in China.

Currently, the artist is working on paintings reflecting her Caribbean culture .


UNDER PRESSURE" is this Friday (7th)
DON'T MISS IT!! 7th-21st AUG 09'
Check it out people

aMorle Designs

Inspired by the rise of Graffiti over the past 3 years in Trinidad and Tobago, Alixzandar Morle hosts yet another exhibition. Art from other artists inspired by graffiti , photography by the talented Venezuelan photographer Juan Ernesto Garcia will also be exhibited. T-shirts from the AGE (aMorle designs and SISTM mental wear) clothing line will be available. Drinks will be on SALE... Live music will be played on the opening night...

Pieces will be auctioned...Prints will be available via order or at the exhibit for immediate take away.


Click the above link for more.

Releases a few design process pictures of the Laura Ferreira Draconian Switch.

Designed by Tanya Williams, this issue also features the writing of Darryn Boodan, Sophie Wight, Lisa Allen Agostini, Dave Williams, Tracy Hutchings and Indra Ramcharan

Of course for more on Tanya click here and here and here.

Draconian Switch Issue 9 Launching on Tuesday.

"Che Lovelace: Paintings 2004 -2008" from the Trinidad and Tobago Artist Series.

Wednesday 12 August 2009 from 6pm.
National Museum, Keate Street, Port of Spain.

Che Lovelace: Paintings 2004 - 2008 focuses on the artist's studio
work over the past four years, highlighting his exploration of the
rich visual and cultural tradition of Trinidad & Tobago's Carnival
and providing a satisfying look at the islands' complexities,
contradictions, and beauty.

Earlier this year the exhibition, Che Lovelace:
Paintings, was held at Half Gallery in New York City.
Reviewed at:

Robert & Christopher Publishers
ISBN 978-976-8223-15-9 TT $210.00
Paperback, 8 x 10.5 in. / 150 pgs. / 75 colour


FULL FRONTAL by Christopher Cozier
Christopher Cozier on Gerard Gaskin’s Trinidad Artists series I first met photographer Gerard Gaskin in the early 1990s, when he was visiting Trinidad to look into his family roots. Gaskin lives in New York, but increasingly contemporary art practice has eroded the traditional boundaries between Trinidad and its diaspora. Mutual curiosity and shared experiences entwine, and critical spaces for new ideas and exchanges are rapidly expanding our visual sense of ourselves.

Some years later, I was lucky to accidentally encounter Gaskin at work. He was photographing the rapso artist Ataklan outside his grandmother’s home in Morvant... Click here for the full article at CRB (Caribbean Review of Books)

The House of Gerard Gaskin

For more on Gerard Gaskin check out this Adele Todd/ Bookmann 2006 interview.

Gerard is going to be back here this month to begin his 2009 leg of artists portraits. He hopes to shoot at least 100 faces on this trip.


An Art Exhibit by
Jean Claude Salvatori
Monday, August 3 -17, 2009
from 7:00pm
More Vino
23 O'Conner Street
Port of Spain,
Trinidad and Tobago


Two interviews from Architect and Erotic Art Week'09
organiser Terry Smith's Indigroove series...

Sophie Wight
She is the woman who has embodied the soul of Scorch Magazine,
the #1 pop culture magazine in the southern Caribbean,
making it an urban collectible in the Caribbean landscape.

Atillah Springer
Writer and Caribbean social commentator, Atillah Springer
talks about the boys lime and the girls lime in the Caribbean,
and how that impacts on her delevopment.

and of course there's more...
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Adele Todd writes on Art and Art theory from Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies and has formally trained local graphic designers and practicing artists at an undergraduate level since 1997. She is a graduate of Pratt Institute, New York, 1991. Adele Todd has been a practicing artist since 1999.

Over the past few months Adele has interviewed a varied range of emerging and established artists practicing in Trinidad and Tobago. Here are some of those interviews/articles and initiatives that I thought really interesting. I confess that I am a fan. Adele is a "supporter of opportunity"...I'm a "fan of supporters of opportunity". The Adele Interviews: Darren Cheewah, Marlon Darbeau, Tanya Williams, Richard Rawlins, Rubadiri Victor, Anderson Mitchell, Alicia Milne, Jaime Lee Loy, The Cozier Legacy , Wendell McShine and the artist sketchbooks.

Of course there's lots and lots more.
Go check out S E X Y P I N K


The Draconian Switch Erotic Week Issue 8 is now officially the most downloaded issue on the site. Total downloads: 4,435 in just 25 days...and counting. is experiencing at least 1000 hits a day.

That's what happens when you put the word EROTIC in front of anything I guess. But seriously this is a keeper and it chronicles a tremendous effort by a contemporary artscene. Any way if you haven't seen it yet then it's new to you. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Trinidad and Tobago: Online Art Networks Global Voices Article

What most of these projects and individual artists have in common is an emphasis on experimentation without the pressure to produce immediately salable artworks, and mutual collaboration to compensate for the absence of major contemporary art institutions offering funding and other support. Instead of formal galleries, they use available free spaces; instead of publishing expensive catalogues, they document their work online; and with no art press to publicise their projects and events, they depend heavily on existing social networks such as Facebook.


A new website, Put it On, is awarding a free scholarship to the New York Film Academy and a cash prize of $5000 USD for the best short and feature films from around the world.

Mark Lyndersay, Shine and Laura Ferreria

Photographer Mark Lyndersay's BITDEPTH Series continues...

Georgia Popplewell has a truly cool and slightly odd job. She is the Managing Director of a company that has no physical office and is incorporated in Amsterdam. The organisation has no employees, but works with more than a thousand contractors and volunteers, publishes daily, sometimes hourly and is governed by a board that has never met in person.

BitDepth via e-mail
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Raw, transcendental and overly mystifying it is no surprise that International artist Wendell Mc Shine is from the island of “the Carnival” Trinidad and Tobago. Currently based and producing work in Mexico City there’s a lucid cross pollination expressed through stunning iconography...

This is the lead off to Artist Wendell McShine's BLOG...and it's a stunner.

Look out for more of Wendell in some upcoming Draconian Switch issues.

PLUS... Draconian Switch issue number 9 featuring
Laura Ferreira drops in a few days stay tuned.

In the meantime check out more
Laura F. at

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