Sunday, August 2, 2009


Adele Todd writes on Art and Art theory from Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies and has formally trained local graphic designers and practicing artists at an undergraduate level since 1997. She is a graduate of Pratt Institute, New York, 1991. Adele Todd has been a practicing artist since 1999.

Over the past few months Adele has interviewed a varied range of emerging and established artists practicing in Trinidad and Tobago. Here are some of those interviews/articles and initiatives that I thought really interesting. I confess that I am a fan. Adele is a "supporter of opportunity"...I'm a "fan of supporters of opportunity". The Adele Interviews: Darren Cheewah, Marlon Darbeau, Tanya Williams, Richard Rawlins, Rubadiri Victor, Anderson Mitchell, Alicia Milne, Jaime Lee Loy, The Cozier Legacy , Wendell McShine and the artist sketchbooks.

Of course there's lots and lots more.
Go check out S E X Y P I N K

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