Friday, October 29, 2010

Animae Caribe Animation Festival Mascot goes Viral

Paco is a metal robot machine that came from the planet PAC outside of our galaxy. His real name is PAC-0 but people just call him Paco for short. He arrived here quite by accident, when on his way to his Galaxy he experienced engine problems and crash landed on earth. To be exact he landed in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. After some days of exploring, he was hired by the Animae Caribe Animation Festival team to be the official Mascot for the festival. All this is in exchange for coconut water his favorite ‘Trini’ drink. PACO’s contract runs out on November 28th 2010, which is the closing date of the Festival. That’s the story on PACO’s Facebook page, which currently has around 800 friends and increasing daily.

read it all here in The Guardian:

Paco plays the Pan from Paco Vasquez on Vimeo.

Paco In Curepe Toilets from Paco Vasquez on Vimeo.

Paco in the Bus Route from Paco Vasquez on Vimeo.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Roger Alexis: More than Puppets on Film

photo by Mark Lyndersay

Puppetry has always been a thing for kids, but Roger Alexis has definitely made it a must-see for adults. Trinis have been 'cracking up' over the short films "Thou Shall not Horn" and "The Fete", which have gone viral, amassing over 98,000 and 70,000 views, respectively on YouTube, and have been circulating Facebook. Distinctly Trini, and starring the puppets Santana and Janice, the films are written, directed and produced by Alexis, who's been dabbling in video creation since his teens.

courtesy read it all here:

check out Roger's latest film: PATSY

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Shooting a dance show is fun.

Gorgeous bodies in elegant costumes making beautiful shapes under a light show - Its hard to not make some interesting images in a situation like that.

These are some documentary pictures of the Noble Douglas Dance Company Incorporated's 25 anniversary celebratory show "DAM 25" at the Queen's Hall a few weeks ago. Enjoy :]

see it all here:


Artzpub identity design by Tanya Williams

Artzpub the home base of DRACONIAN SWITCH eMag will be getting freshen up courtesy the above named designer. The new look and blog header is the first of that roll out. More to come.
Watch for it.


Detnator presents "OneTalks" a new online series. Join us as we present a fresh, no frills perspective on issues surrounding the music and entertainment industry in Trinidad & Tobago and how they affect us all, from underground artists to major players to the public.

Ben Jackson has been involved in the Pan movement in Trinidad & Tobago for over 25 years. He has grown from player to instructor to music teacher and back again. His career started as a player in Laventille Sound Specialists now known as the Courts Sound Specialists. He was also a member of the Success Laventille Composite School Steel Orchestra where he moved on to become the musical director of that band. He then became a music teacher at that school for seven years then moved on to be a part of the Pan In The Classroom project. He is presently involved in the HYPE program as a music instructor.