Thursday, October 14, 2010


Detnator presents "OneTalks" a new online series. Join us as we present a fresh, no frills perspective on issues surrounding the music and entertainment industry in Trinidad & Tobago and how they affect us all, from underground artists to major players to the public.

Ben Jackson has been involved in the Pan movement in Trinidad & Tobago for over 25 years. He has grown from player to instructor to music teacher and back again. His career started as a player in Laventille Sound Specialists now known as the Courts Sound Specialists. He was also a member of the Success Laventille Composite School Steel Orchestra where he moved on to become the musical director of that band. He then became a music teacher at that school for seven years then moved on to be a part of the Pan In The Classroom project. He is presently involved in the HYPE program as a music instructor.

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