Thursday, July 22, 2010


Let's really talk about this over-sexy event. Let's first hand it to Dave Williams Curator/Organiser. Often accused of doing what he want when he want and believing that it will all turn out fine. Well yes it did. It turned out more than fine it was friggin' fantastic. The Erotic fashion wasn't the only event on tonight as part of the festival but we all want to hear about the show... so lets talk about the show.

Imagine one block with about 600 people lining the streets, against the cars, in-between the cars, dominating the pavement, on the walls. Now imagine that the street is the runway. Imagine the models moving in between the cars. Imagine more and more people coming. Imagine the ramp getting smaller. Imagine cars can't pass. Imagine sexiness. Imagine Black Eye Peas pumpin' whole night from the Red Bull music truck until it catches on fire as the generator burns out. Imagine the music starting again from a UNC local government speaker car.

Imagine ‎* Anya de Rogue * lingerie, Imagine beautiful people in an out the show, Imagine sexy crochet bikinis by OFF THE HOOK Designs, Imagine sexy male wear and very skimpy sexy male wear too (the kind that could make a bedroom blush), Imagine sexiness by DLR"D" Dominque LaRoche. Now imagine woop woop is the sound of the police.

Evidently the organisers needed two weeks permission to block the street, play music and cause confusion. But it was all good. No oppression whatsoever. Models even wine on a police car. It was all good. But don't Imagine anymore. Just look at the pictures. And if you have any pictures from this event please post it to the FACEBOOK GROUP. If you haven't yet joined the group JOIN THE GROUP.

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  1. LOL....SWEEET!!!!!!! Was wondering about the permissions.....kudos to the UNC car though.....great to see there was such a turn out

  2. oh wow! oh wow! oh wow1
    DAVE.... IS A DAN!

    i mean i know there are others and well done ya'll but DAVE... IS A DAN.

    oh this is just great!
    wondrous even.

  3. this was one of the most hilarious thrilling things ive seen on the road since carnival yes!
    Big up the touch of illegality too!

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