Friday, December 18, 2009

Picture of the day...

"Lord S'Shamus Haraktet" by Ayodhya Ouditt @ RISD

I am Lord S'Shamus Haraktet,
God-King of The Fire Empire,
of the capital, Khazadram, in the East.

Long before the earth was strong,
the wind could laugh, the water could run...
long before mother and father were as one...
before time was time... there was a fire.

It was the first fire...
one so small that it existed
before space... and yet,
from it was born the cosmos,
and in it... the sun.

The ancients said
"the fire in the sun...
is the fire in your heart...
is the fire in your eye!"

I am the god of the sun.
The Incas called me Inti.
The Egyptians knew me as Re Herekty.
The Hindus called me Dyaus...
and the Greeks said Apollo.

I have many names and many powers.
I am the giver of life and the taker.
I am the beginning and the end.
I am the everything and the nothing.

For four and a half billion years
I have watched your world,
and in an equal number of
days I will end it.

I, the one true god,
the absolute, the impossible...
I shall return you to the heart of the sun,
and you shall have peace.

- Ayodhya Ouditt