Sunday, January 10, 2010

YMCA Shoot 2 Live Calendar 2010

Photos Courtesy Tanya Marie Williams
Article Courtesy Michele Jorsling

I have been helping out on a project the YMCA started with a group of young boys that Svenn Grant and Owen Hender have been working with. They created the 'Shoot 2 Live' project funded by the UNFPA to teach them photography skills to allow the boys to document their lives and the issues they face.

Trinidad Express Article on the Project 2 Live

We had cameras donated by friends and supporters and because of the UNFPA funding we were also able to purchase disposable film cameras and new digital cameras for them to learn and experiment on.

We have been really lucky to get the support of great Trinidadian photographers who have volunteered their time to come and present and discuss their work with the boys. Early on David Wears, Arnaldo JJ and Graeme Ottley came out and did sessions with them and Abigail Hadeed came out to lead a trip to the POS market. Each photographer shared their way of working, approaching subjects and professionalism which I think was an invaluable experience for the boys to be exposed to. And we have more great photographers like Mark Lyndersay, Sean Drakes and Stephen Broadbridge who are booked next. We are so grateful for all the energy and help everyone has put out! And Svenn has really been a powerful driving force, pushing to keep everything moving forward.

At this midpoint of the project , we have been lucky enough to produce a 2010 calendar with some of the boys photographs. AboveGroup took on the project and designer Tanya Williams created a great calendar that I think the boys will love and be very proud to have shot.

Tanya Marie Williams blogs about the project
smile-ymca-calendar project


  1. What a wonderful and creative project, I would LOVE to see what they come up with.