Sunday, August 29, 2010

Indra Ramcharan on Chinese Workers

Indra Ramcharan is Artist Richard Rawlins' oldest adopted and impetulant child. She is currently studying in London to be a sound engineer. She wrote this about the recent Chinese Worker Show:

Didn't Fuck It up
This post was supposed to be a little if not a lot different from what is about to happen but I have decided to split it into two instead and put them up in the wrong order.

If you go and download Issue 10 of The Draconian Switch you will hear The Guest Editor talking about a project to be done by the Artzpub founder Richard Mark Rawlins. The project, as most if not all do, evolved and 'came out' on Thursday. The Chinese Worker was exhibited at Alice Yard for three nights and well.. it win. Like first prize by a mile WIN! The fact that Dave O Williams did a performance was just icing on the cake and for ME to admit that well yuh know that RMR is the proper proverbial... 'Shit'.

read it all here: