Thursday, November 25, 2010


The above clip is a short film made by Rodell Warner. The film was first admitted to the Animae Caribe Festival and then withdrawn. The following is a letter from Warner to Camille Selvon Abrahams, Creative Director Animae Caribe Animation Festival. Courtesy of the Artist Rodell Warner.


Forget it. I'd like to withdraw from the festival. Please don't show my film.

You're ridiculous. The more I think about the kind of place I want to live in versus what you are thinking makes the place I do live in, the more i realise i cant put up wit fuckery like this.

There's no film festival anywhere in the world that accepts someone's work, then calls to apologise that they can't show it or ask them to change the music based on how 'jarring' it is or ANYTHING of that nature.

That's ass fuckin backwards.

Its 'lets pretend we have a film festival'.

Its 'lets show nice things that everyone agrees with'.

Who decided this should be in your show in the first place if you find it too 'jarring' for your 'aged 4-65 audience' and your 'people on the level of academy award winners' anyway??

Forget it.

I guess you can't show a 'jarring' film at animae caribe, even if the point of your film for it to be jarring.

No wonder the fucking thing produces such shining stars every year.

Fuckin joke.

Do Better,

-Rodell Warner


  1. I support Rodell Warner all the way... Its about time we started standing up and speaking out, voicing all this bullshit thats fed to us breakfast, lunch and dinner. Time for the youth of our twin island to wake up and "make out somebody scene" if thats the case! Good Job!

  2. Change the music?Really?lol.Great vid,the music adds to the effect,it IS a fight scene after all.I loved it,creatively done.They probably wanted him to put a soca or something as the background music? :s *shrugs*