Friday, December 17, 2010

DArlen Projects

I guess DA Blog will be about the artist, the projects and the mission we are embarking on presenting art and design. In a more interwoven way in our society. Letting that society understand what that means.

How lamentable as an artist it is to see that our contribution to the quality of life has been so dismal. Only a chosen few have been able to feel the enormous wealth that comes from the enlightenment of culture.

It is the ideal that art and design be part of the living body and the space it embodies. It about finding the real body, rather impaling upon the body a set of rules that have recolonized the body, through a globalization paradigm that we have fallen for, hook line and sinker.

The idea is, can we rethink our art and design philosophical content or have we ever reconsidered that we have one.
Dean Arlen

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