Thursday, September 10, 2009


COURSE TITLE: Storytelling for Film, TV, Animation and Comics Media

PLACE: Digital Interactive Co. Ltd. at 101 Eastern Main Road Champs Fleur obliquely opposite the tunnel leading to the Mt. Hope Hospital

COURSE DURATION: 6 week intensive programme with two to three classes per week

DATES & TIME: to be decided by the participants

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY: people with no previous experience in film or TV- up to Masters graduates in film

CONTACT: call 728-0583 or Rubadiri Victor at 797-0949 or email at generationlion@

ORIENTATION DATE: Tuesday 8th September @ 6pm


* The creation of screenplays and storyboards
* Learning about the creation of narrative- from frame to moments to sequence to myth.

* The basics of film, TV and comic book production
* Techniques of the masters. From the godfather trilogy to lord of the rings to graphic novels to the more than 100 films created by Trinbagonian nationals!
* Explore the ‘deep structure’ of popular genres like soap operas, sitcoms and blockbusters, revealing how these really work- dispelling a lot of myths that many may have.
* The history of national cinemas and television from all over the world
* The necessary steps towards the formation of a local aesthetic and industry.

Digital media has made the ability to create TV, Film and pop culture content cheap and accessible. However, the key component in being able to create memorable content is not technology- but the ability to tell a story. Every medium has rules about how stories can be told in it. These courses are designed to give participants the tools to create sophisticated media product.

These groundbreaking courses were launched in1998 and since then have certified and graduated hundreds of students. The Digital Interactive Co. facility that is now hosting the lectures boasts state-of-the- art camera and editing equipment, as well as lights, stedi-cams and all the equipment required to produce sophisticated media product.

Lead course tutor multi-media artist Rubadiri Victor says, “There are many local TV shows, ads and videos being produced. There are also a lot of young producers, directors, and camera-people. However the quality of the work seems to be missing something. This generation needs to ground their work in the basics, genius and mysteries of the craft. ‘Story’ comes first.”

The courses use as their compass the ‘Jouvay Process’- an original methodology of indigenising cultural production pioneered by elder artist Tony Hall of Banyan fame. The curriculum contains a lot of up to date local and international industry information as well as original theories that are currently being engaged worldwide.

To register for the courses and for further information call 797-0949 or 728-0583 or email generationlion@ The courses cost $1000.00 and the first registration and orientation will be on Tuesday 8th September at 6:00pm.

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