Sunday, October 25, 2009

JOB OPPORTUNITIES "The Frog" animation requires a on

Positions include:

Background Artist
Character Modeler
SFX Renderer
Motion Artist

If interested, please email with CV and/or portfolio pieces. Call 735-0770 for further details in necessary.

Production will start immediately on an animated short, named "The Frog". It's an adaptation of a feature length script called "The Frog that Swallowed the Cosmos" and should pan out to about 7- 8 minutes in length Most of the animation will be done in After Effects. The deadline for completion is Nov. 28th, firmly. It needs to be submitted to the American University of Washington DC Library for vetting etc. This leaves about a month to wrap production.

This project is being produced with the support of AU and the film will be submitted to a couple film festivals in DC, and around the Caribbean.The pay will be paltry, however, tasks are pretty specialized and the work is fun and not that demanding. The most important thing is that the piece will become a part of the portfolio of everyone who has worked on it. They also get credit, and parts of any money it makes from prizes or if it is sold to any media houses etc.

The conceptual art work, the script, most of the storyboards and the animation style have already been worked out. So this is literally a project where we hit the ground running. As a director/ producer who seeks to nurture talent though, I'm always looking for input and feedback, so these things aren't set in concrete.

Looking for people versed in After Effects and Illustrator mainly. Although a detailed knowledge of Photoshop can substitute for the latter. (They will be background artists). Members of the team must have their own computers (software will be provided).

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