Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cozier named official artist of film festival

Christopher Cozier portrait by Rodell Warner

CHRISTOPHER COZIER is the official artist of the trinidad+tobago film festival 2010 (ttff/10), presented by FLOW.

The ttff is an annual celebration of the best in Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora film, as well as films from Latin American countries that border the Caribbean Sea. This year the festival runs from September 22 to October 5.

One of the distinctive features of the ttff is the Festival Image. Every year, an artist is commissioned to create an image that in some way reflects the art of film or the cinema-going experience, especially as it relates to the Caribbean. This image is used throughout the festival, and becomes the basis of the festival’s poster.

Detail from the installation Tropical Night by Christopher Cozier

Christopher Cozier, this year’s selected artist, is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading contemporary artists.

He has participated in a number of well-received art exhibitions in the Caribbean and internationally. Earlier this year, Tropical Night, a series of Cozier’s drawings, formed part of the exhibition Afro Modern: Journeys Through the Black Atlantic, at the Tate Liverpool gallery in the United Kingdom. Read it all here in the Newsday


  1. 珍惜當下..活在當下..祝大家都平平安安健健康康!........................................

  2. Im looking forward to seeing what Chris does as i am a fan , however I wonder why is there need for the Film festival to have an "offical artist" in the first place..??

  3. It's a fund-raising mechanism, Boods. And I think it's a brilliant idea - raising the profile of the artist and the festival.

  4. The fact is so far all of the artist involved really didn't need the Film Festival to raise their profiles. Doig, Bowen and now Cozier.
    I think it's more for the benefit of the festival frankly.

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  6. The festival artist initiative began in 2008 when Peter Doig approached us and offered his image, Lapeyoruse Wall. The initiative is meant to act as a link between the film and visual art communities in T&T. The sale of the official print is also, as Mariel said, one of the ways for the festival to help meet its operating costs.

    Jonathan Ali
    Writer & Editor, ttff