Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Edward interviews Artist Brianna McCarthy

Summer, Managing Editor of Anansesem, the Caribbean children's literature ezine interview's Brianna McCarthy.

Mccarthy is a young lady from Trinidad and Tobago whose talent can only be described as dazzling. In her genius-like mastery of a single subject matter, Mccarthy reminds me of the great Impressionist painter Edward Degas, who obsessively depicted dancers (ballerinas) in his art. Only with Mccarthy, it's girls. Mccarthy repeatedly draws and paints girls. Beautiful, colored girls. In doing so she displays her mastery in the depiction of African, East Indian and creole physical features. Truly, in her art I see the working out of a Caribbean aesthetic which recognizes and affirms négritude (black consciousness), antillanité (West Indianness), and créolité (transcultural fusing.) Her art simply radiates color consciousness and métissage.

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