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Thursday 26th:
CHINESE WORKER @ ALICE YARD 80 Roberts Street, Woodbrook 7pm

In his new body of work, Chinese Worker, visual artist, Richard Rawlins, explores the branding of
the Chinese Worker. Now, almost as globally ubiquitous as the “Made in China” stamp, Chinese
construction workers are changing the landscape, both internationally and here in Trinidad and
Tobago. Rawlins provides an elegant visual commentary on this phenomenon. In a recent
interview, Rawlins explained: “‘Chinese Worker’ is another one of my investigations into the things that
make us Trinidad. I actually admire what they have done. And, putting all the political footballs aside,
we are left with structures that they built almost overnight. Whether you like it or not, they are now on
our landscape, and I think that needs to be recorded.”

About “Chinese Worker”
Artist Richard Mark Rawlins pays an homage of sorts to the army of Chinese workers brought in to
Trinidad and Tobago to facilitate the former PNM government’s urban development programme, and the
change in the society’s psyche, away from US and UK interests. Whereas the 80s and 90s would have
seen US and UK contractors brought into the country to build large scale government infrastructure,
now the Chinese are being brought in instead. They are faster, cheaper, and ready to do business.

Thursday 26th @ BOHEMIA:
LIBERTINE 2 for feamales only @ BOHEMIA 33 Murray Street, WoodBrook 8.30pm

Friday 27th ABOVEGROUP
Show & Tell 10, "Visual Swim"

More Info
In the mood for something refreshing? Come take a dip into ABOVEGROUP's tenth Show & Tell. This month they are excited to host two presenters who followed their passions and turned their hobbies into amazing careers.

Laura Ferreira
Self taught graphic artist, photographer, web designer, and painter Laura Ferreira, has been playing around with graphics since she was twelve years old. It was when she began experimenting with a self portrait, w...hile eight months pregnant in 2006, everything changed. She received a lot of positive feedback from the self portrait and decided to invest in a DSLR camera.

By 2007 she had her first commissioned job and has been in high demand ever since. Her imagery has been featured in magazines around the world, fashion houses, movies and music albums.

"I use my digital art to show what ideas i cannot achieve through photography. I am constantly working on bettering my skill and finding new techniques to create a carbon copy of what's in my head."
............ Laura Ferreira

Alan Davis
Alan Davis has been able to turn his hobby into a thriving business. He is one of Trinidad's only surfboard producers operating locally. Davis started in the surdboard business at the age of sixteen, repairing boards for surfers that flock to Trinidad's north-eastern beaches.

In 1992 he traveled to Venezuela where he apprenticed in a local surf shop. There he learnt first hand how to make surf boards. He returned to Trinidad in 1993 and began making his first surfboards. He resigned from his job in a Port-Of-Spain travel agency to devote himself completely to producing surfboards. His boards are in high demand locally, regionally and internationally.

"It's a lot of long, hard, dirty work, but i love it"............ Alan Davis

Spread the word, admission is free.
As usual the donation bar is open (for drinks and donations! )
DJ Shy Guy will be on the ones and twos blasting out the tunes so don't forget to bring your dancing shoes.

Please note the start time. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Hope to see you there!


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  1. The girls' work at Studio Clearance Sale is fun, vibrant, feminine stuff. There's a painting with the KFC logo that is just hilarious, too.
    Definitely worth checking out!

    Oh and how do I go about ordering an enamel chinese worker cup?