Tuesday, January 25, 2011


PM Theatre allows audiences to encounter works that might have otherwise remained as just ideas in the heads of performing artists. The Project presents a platform to begin exploring new performance ideas in dance, drama, films and music or any comination with live audiences. Audiences also get to pay by the minute. If they leave a performance before it is complete, they can get their money back for the remaining minutes of the show in the form of a credit for future shows. The venue is 33 Murray Street, just off the avenue. The Project also brings the missing element of performance and entertainment to the Avenue.

The first show Jan Thur 27th to Sat 29th is
RansomE featuring daramatic, choreographic, and audio/visual explorations by:
sonja dumas • tracy hutchings • darren chee wah & dave williams
performed by a number of performance, video and sound practitioners.

Search "PM Theatre" on facebook.

Help break boundaries.

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