Thursday, January 13, 2011


I had to go slowly with Bri anna McCarthy and not for the rea sons she may think.

I’ve had my eye on her. She’s been grac ing my work desk top on and off for the bet ter part of 2010. In fact, she is a very preg nant part of my vision board. If there wasn’t a mir ror nearby, then I could look at Bri anna McCarthy’s work, tiled as if she just knew the col ors that would inspire me to life, love and laugh ter and we just became fast friends.She saw me first, and its one of those moments where you’re think ing ok, I have this mag a zine and you want peo ple to say what they think and some times they do, but most times they don’t and then out of the blue you get a sim ple “I dig your site.”

No pre am ble, no awk ward ness, no long good bye. Just a dig—and a good one. And it’s not a friend, it’s some one who doesn’t have to be sweet to you or on you haha. So, of course you check out this person’s site, and then you see your desk­top back ground that you first saw and saved from LeCoil and you have your moment and then you wait a week to respond, because you’re already crush ing the artist too much to breathe.

So yeah, for as long as Bri anna McCarthy’s been dig ging me, I’ve been dig ging her and then some and I wanted more. I needed to finesse my approach. You just have to under stand this is the one you want to invite inside your liv ing space and co-habitate. And yes of course hang her art on your wall—mantle-worthy as it is.

I find it very hard to play favorites. So just a small sampling…

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  1. I agree...I guess I have been "crushing" on her for a while too