Saturday, November 14, 2009

eMAG Rockstone & Bootheel online NOW.

Produced by Richard Rawlins, Draconian Switch publisher/designer, the limited 5 issue monthly ROCKSTONE & BOOTHEEL eMAGAZINE for the exhibit runs from November 2009 til March 2010 . Look out for a new issue by the 14th of every month.

This is a multimedia Adobe Acrobat pdf. Please view using Adobe Acrobat Reader or you'll miss out on the fun. Thanks...


Rockstone and Bootheel: Contemporary West Indian Art Exhibition is curated by Kristina Newman-Scott and Yona Backer at the Hartford Conneticut Real Art Ways gallery.

The show will feature some 39 plus artists among them,
Christopher Cozier, Jamie Lee Loy, Akuzuru, Marlon Griffith, Wendell McShine, Adele Todd, Dave Williams and Ras Kassa.

The show opens with Christopher Cozier's temporary sound installation, Sound System, and a performance by Zachary Fabri. The show closes with a performance by dancer/choreographer Dave Williams.

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