Friday, August 7, 2009


The centre Beeldende art Rotterdam has started ArtRoPa in February 2007 with the project. This project is component of a four-year joint operating agreement between the municipality Rotterdam and the republic Surinam which on 19 February 2007 by the president of Surinam, Ronald Venetiaan and the burgomaster of Rotterdam, Ivo Opstelten it has been signed.

Aim of ArtRoPa is reinforcing the cultural infrastructure

and the promotion of the interculturele dialogue. This means exchange of ideas and stimulating creativity and diversity. Correctly artists have as the no other one possibility of laying connections between several cultures, of cooperating and as key characters compare notes.

Moreover the project an intense perception offers the artists, the gained inspiration can lead to deepening of their work. Artists from Surinam and Rotterdam get the chance of meeting colleague, of exchanging knowledge, of extending networks and their practical experience to deepen. Go to the site here.

Now the site is in Dutch so translate the site here using Babelfish web page convertor.

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