Saturday, August 8, 2009


DAVE WILLIAMS performing WAITING, Alice Yard 2007
photo by Nicholas Laughlin

"The size and shape of the space around us figures the shape of what we feel we need to get out of and how far away from it we think we need to run. The shape of the space around us, therefore, prescribes not only what we move like but what we form ourselves into in order to reside in, or escape it." - Dave Williams

The performance was based on a series of drawings and aimed to experiment with elements of dance to develop a contemporary performance vernacular. Williams quite interestingly did so, beginning with a dance featuring 5-foot stilts in a 9' x 7' box. The stilts are part of Trinidad's moko-jumbie tradition - an West African stilt-walking legacy and integral part of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.
See more at Alice Yard's blog here.

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Williams is a regular writer in Draconian Switch magazine. An accomplished dancer, choreographer, 6 time Cacique Winner and thinker, Williams is always on the cusp of something new. Williams was one of the organisers of Trinidad and Tobago's recently concluded Erotic Artweek Festival. Williams also produced the online book Radical UPgrade. Download it here.

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