Monday, August 3, 2009

RODELL WARNER. U GOIN' IN? Interview with Tracy J. H.

“Cameras are Erotic. Yeah. You throw a camera in a situation people start acting, things start happening. You know?” – Rodell Warner

DAWG! You have undoubtedly created one of the most memorable
events of the Erotic Art Week. What prompted this social experiment? T.J.H.

Thanks for saying that :] it’s crazy how everything worked out. What I wanted was to make work for erotic art week that was an extension of what I was already thinking and making work about and that’s the people around me; our collective identity, what we’re like, how we want to be seen and all the things that go along with that. So in the context of this event, I wondered what we would do with a camera given the privacy of an empty room, no rules and the option of anonymity.

For the full interview download Erotic Artweek Draconian Switch Issue 8
For more on Rodell Warner click here.

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